Stop Clicking on Easy Weight Loss Ads! Read This!

Easy Weight Loss Linkbait

Do you sometimes click those ‘easy weight loss’ ads out of curiosity? That’s ok! Everyone wants to lose weight easily and quickly, but if those ads were true for everyone, we could click the links, do what they say, and put a multi-billion dollar industry out of business. The fact is, all of us are unique—not just different body types but metabolisms, lifestyles, health issues, likes and dislikes. What works for you, probably won’t work for me. The only way to lose weight is to not to do it alone. Get the medical, physical and emotional support you need with a weight loss team!

The Weight Loss Doctor

The most important person on your team is a doctor who specializes in nutrition. I’m not just saying that because I am one. Don’t disregard those disclaimers that read, “Before starting this or any other program please consult your physician.” When I meet with a patient, I take a full physical, ask questions as to lifestyle habits and likes/dislikes and then prescribe a careful, customized diet to get those pounds off. I focus on whole body health, making sure my patients stay within the limits of what their bodies are capable of, working towards their goals slowly and safely.Pro Cal 100 Vanilla Shake Product ShotFLEXPRO-LOGO



The Weight Loss Personal Trainer

Next, time to exercise, but not alone. If you’ve ever watched The Biggest Loser, then you’ve seen an extreme example of how this is done. The media is buzzing right now with the results from a published study of The Biggest Loser in the Obesity Journal, which found that six years after sixteen contestants lost weight on the show, all but one had gained back a significant portion of the weight they lost and worse, they had completely destroyed their metabolisms, making it much harder to lose weight again. The lesson: just like you should consult a doctor to prescribe a proper diet, you need an expert trainer to prescribe a safe, individualized exercise plan that you enjoy and will want to continue for a lifetime. This is about being the smartest, not the biggest, weight loser.


The Weight Loss Partner

Mark Hamade Before Weight Loss
Mark Hamade Before
Mark Hamade After Weight Loss
Mark Hamade After



My good friend and patient, Mark Hamade, finally lost the weight he had struggled with for years and has kept if off. He lost some pounds, regained some, and then lost them again, finally keeping the weight off. Mark struggled with some serious health issues, personal tragedy and job stress, too. Finally, he gathered what he calls his “world class team” to help him meet his goals. Even now that he has achieved success, he keeps in touch with his team to keep the weight off. You can read Mark Hamade’s amazing story on his website and email him for advice. Mark is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals.

While I was in medical school, I struggled with my weight, too. You can read a little about my story on the About Page of this website. I have managed to lose the weight and keep it off with the help of my own team. Weight loss isn’t easy, which is why you can’t do it alone! You need support to make lifestyle changes and keep the weight off forever.

Please call me to schedule a free consultation and we can talk more about your personal weight loss team.

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