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Pdo Threads/nova Threads

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Searching for Kansas City PDO Thread Lifts or Nova Threads? PDO Threads/Nova Threads is the procedure for you if you want to lift an area of your face without going the surgical route.

If you want to smooth and tighten skin while retaining the natural look of your face, then using PDO threads can be a more suitable option than many other treatments.

With exciting new technology, we can lift areas of your face quickly while still providing long-lasting, safe results.
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What is the Difference Between PDO Threads and Nova Threads?

PDO threads are the generalized category, and there are several different brands. At Plaza Aesthetics and Wellness, we use FDA-approved Nova threads produced in the US.

PDO Threads/Nova Threads perform the same function. They are sterile sutures that we place in the face or body to help with laxity and rejuvenation. We primarily use them to lift the face and stimulate collagen production in a specific area.

They are made from biodegradable, fully dissolvable polydioxanone, which has been used as absorbable surgical sutures for over 50 years. They come in various sizes, ranging from very thin single sutures to thick braided ones.

Nova Threads can last 2 to 15 months, depending on the thread’s placement, size, and structure.

How are PDO Threads/Nova Threads Used?

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In Kansas City PDO Threads/Nova Threads can be used alone or in conjunction with other devices and injectables to get the desired result.

Needles are inserted into the skin, and a thread is left behind when the needle is removed. This thread stimulates collagen synthesis, and the skin structure created by the thread will hold over time. Most commonly, the threads are placed near the brows, in the nasolabial folds, the jowls, and the jawline and help to physically lift sagging tissue and stimulate collagen production.

Before the procedure, we would numb the area where we would place the incision and thread. If we want to do some lifting in the mid-lower face, we sometimes don’t even need an injectable and would use topical lidocaine. Nova Threads can also be placed along the borders of lips to stimulate collagen and elastin for a fuller, more toned appearance.

Botox vs. PDO Threads/Nova Threads

Botox and PDO threads are completely different procedures. Botox is placed in different areas on the face and doesn’t lift the tissue but paralyzes it. Nova threads help raise sagging tissue and allow new collagen production, while Botox relaxes the muscle underneath the skin.

Especially for lower face laxity or areas that need more definition, Botox is not an appropriate treatment. Before PDO thread technology was developed, we used dermal fillers for brows and along the jawline, which often left patients looking over full. This has led to hesitancy in patients when it comes to using dermal fillers and has increased the popularity of PDO threads in the aesthetic market.

PDO Threads/Nova Threads

The procedure of Botox and PDO threads have entirely different mechanisms of action. For example, instead of restoring volume in the face like a dermal filler, we lift and apply a thread with a hook on the end. The threads are tied off and cut and stay in place, keeping the area lifted. They will start to relax over time, but at this stage, new collagen and elastin would have been produced to help keep the new and improved shape.

Botox is an entirely different procedure, and for patients wanting something more natural, PDO threads are a better option.

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Choose the Best for Your PDO Thread Treatment

The rise in popularity of PDO Threads is also linked to people's bad experiences with Botox and dermal fillers.

When choosing a medical spa for your Kansas City PDO thread procedure, it is best to look for a physician-owned and operated establishment. Not only will they have highly trained professionals on the staff, but they will also have a comprehensive patient treatment plan from the first consultation through to the last procedure.

PDO thread procedures tackle a very specific layer of the skin, and training is imperative. For example, if a Nova thread is placed incorrectly, it could come out or cause severe pain. Putting PDO threads in the face is a nuanced procedure requiring a knowledgeable hand.

Come for a
Complimentary Consultation
with One of Our Experts

At Plaza Aesthetics and Wellness, we offer a complimentary consultation to discuss our treatment offerings and help you decide on the best procedure for you.

Not only will we assess the condition of your skin, but we will also take into account the long-term results you would like to achieve. From there, we can customize a treatment plan to address your skin concerns.

With a variety of invasive and non-invasive options as well as memberships and payment plans, we have a comprehensive offering that will allow you to create a skin care treatment program that leaves you feeling confident and comfortable.

If you are interested in PDO Threads/Nova Threads treatment, contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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PDO Threads/Nova Threads Treatment?

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Let the Professionals at Plaza Aesthetics and Wellness
take Care of your PDO Threads/Nova Threads Treatment

When considering any PDO Threads/Nova Threads treatment, you should always choose a physician-owned and operated establishment.

Not only will they have top-quality equipment, but they will also have the necessary skills, training, and qualifications to provide expert service.

When it comes to your skin, you don’t want to take any chances, which means ensuring that a licensed medical professional is involved from your first consultation until your last treatment. They will also provide the correct information before your treatment begins as well as post-treatment care.

Getting the best results requires the best care, contact us today to start your PDO Threads/Nova Threads journey.