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Facial rejuvenation is a booming industry, and with the right technology, you can easily take decades off of your appearance. With the innovative Morpheus facial treatment for skin rejuvenation and tightening, you have the potential to leverage the latest in micro-needling methods to look and feel younger than you can imagine. Let’s take a look at Morpheus, what exactly it is, and how it creates the benefits that it purports.
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WHAT IS Morpheus and what are its Benefits?

Morpheus is a cutting-edge, FDA-cleared, fractional radiofrequency micro-needling device. That may sound like a mouthful, but it combines two common and effective technologies. The result is a minimally invasive procedure that stimulates the natural collagen production of the skin, while also working to tighten the skin. This leads to a drastic reduction in aged appearances, giving you a more youthful and refreshed appearance after each treatment.

Morpheus works on all skin types, and offers a long list of benefits, including:

  • A noticeable reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Overall improvement of skin tone and texture
    Tightening up of sagging or loose skin
  • Reduction and fading of acne scars
  • Reduction of pore size
    Stimulation of natural collagen and elastin production
  • Elevated skin elasticity and firmness

How is the Morpheus Treatment Performed?

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The Morpheus facial treatment must be performed at a licensed medical facility that uses the industry’s best practices for sterility and cleanliness since there is a risk of serious infection if obtaining a Morpheus treatment from an inexperienced provider. At the Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness, we adhere to leading hygienic protocols to ensure the safety and sterility of all treatments.

If you’re considering getting a Morpheus facial treatment, and are wondering what the process may look like, here’s a look at the basic steps that are involved:

  1. First, you’ll have your consultation with Dr Botros, where she will assess your skin type and you’ll talk about your aesthetic goals. This consultation will help to determine if the Morpheus facial treatment is best for your needs.
  2. Once it’s confirmed that Morpheus is the right fit, your skin will be deep cleaned, and a numbing cream will be applied to ensure your complete comfort during the procedure.
  3. The treatment involves the Morpheus device, which is equipped with two dozen microneedles and is gently pressed against your skin. As it activates, the RF energy is directed into the deeper layers of your tissue, stimulating collagen production and helping the skin to tighten. The microneedles create tiny channels in the skin with are used in the natural healing process, but are also tiny wounds.
  4. After the treatment, you’ll notice some redness and swelling in the face or the treated areas, but these symptoms will fade in anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. Dr Botros will give you detailed aftercare instructions to optimize your healing and aesthetic results.

The Morpheus treatments themselves aren’t very long, typically 30 to 60 minutes and most patients will require between 1 and 3 sessions to see optimal results. The sessions are best kept 4-6 weeks apart.

What happens if Morpheus is done wrong or by someone who's not a professional?

If you have the opportunity to get a cheap Morpheus treatment from someone who isn’t optimally trained or qualified, you could face a host of negative consequences. Here are just a few of the issues you may be looking at:

  • Infection: Microneedling creates hundreds of tiny holes in the skin, and without proper sterilization, the patient is likely to experience severe skin infections. These infections can be painful and can result in permanent scarring.
  • Scarring: Treatments that are overly aggressive or use the incorrect technique may lead to the appearance of scarring on the patient.
  • Pigmentation issues: Practitioners without proper training may configure the Morpheus device incorrectly, which can lead to hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, both of which may be temporary, or permanent. Additional causes for pigmentation issues can stem from an inadequate initial assessment.
  • Burns: Unqualified practitioners may have inadequate cooling or use incorrect RF settings, resulting in burns, blistering, or even permanent tissue damage.

With all of these risks and more, it’s critical to work with an experienced, professional Morpheus treatment professional like the ones at Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness. Dr Botros has hand-selected her staff to have the skill and experience needed to address your needs.

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Partner With Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness For Leading Morpheus Treatment Professionalism

If you’ve been considering getting a rejuvenating treatment lately, and are thinking about a Morpheus facial, it’s important to make sure you use a treatment provider who is experienced and professional. Reach out to the leader in Morpheus facials, Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness, and get started scheduling your free consultation and assessment now.

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Morpheus can provide definition, toning, and tightening in the areas you want to be targeted. But for the best results, you need to choose a professional medical spa that will offer support, information, and quality from the first consultation to the final treatment.

Plaza Aesthetics and Wellness have been voted KC’s Best Med Spa two years in a row. Contact us for a complimentary consult to discuss your face needs.

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Morpheus Treatment?

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Let the Professionals at Plaza Aesthetics and Wellness
take Care of your Morpheus Face Treatment

When considering any Morpheus Face treatment, you should always choose a physician-owned and operated establishment.

Not only will they have top-quality equipment, but they will also have the necessary skills, training, and qualifications to provide an expert service.

When it comes to your skin, you don’t want to take any chances, which means ensuring that a physician or licensed esthetician is involved from your first consultation until your last treatment. They will also provide the correct information before your treatment series begins and post-treatment care.

Getting the best results requires the best care, so contact us today to start your Morpheus Face treatment journey.