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Botox Treatment

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Searching for "Botox near me" in Kansas City? Botox wrinkle treatment is a quick and cost-effective option to keep your skin toned and looking youthful.

Lines and wrinkles on your face tell the story of a life lived, but as you age, these become more prominent than you may want. With over 40 muscles in your face that move with every smile, laugh, or frown, it's no wonder that, over time, your skin loses its elasticity and struggles to bounce back.

At Plaza Aesthetics and Wellness, we have some of the best technology available to help you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.
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Botox Wrinkle Treatment?

Botox is the most commonly know neurotoxin or neuromodulator. However, there are multiple options including Dysport, Xeomin, Juveau, and Daxify. It is a non-surgical option to quickly and easily smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, generally on the face. Neurotoxins are typically injected into different areas of the face, but the treatment is not only limited to the face.

Neuromodulators are manufactured from a bacteria called Botulinum Toxin Type A. When injected into the muscle, this toxin causes a relaxation effect so the muscles can no longer force the skin to crease.

When botox wrinkle treatment is administered correctly and conservatively, you can still maintain natural facial expressions. Botox treatments can last three to five months or longer with repeated injections as the muscles are continuously trained to relax.

HOW DOES Botox Get Rid of Wrinkles?

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The most common areas to use neuromodulators are the glabella (between the brows), forehead, and crow’s feet (around the eyes). The glabella is also commonly referred to as “the elevens” due to the wrinkling resembling the number 11.

The neurotoxin is injected with a small needle into the muscle, which releases the paralytic and forces the muscle to relax. This allows the muscle to move but not crease the skin to the degree it would have before the toxin was injected.

Neuromodulators are not just effective in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles but are also effective treatment for hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. This is most common in the underarms for this type of injection. We numb the area because the underarms are more sensitive. Once in effect, we will remove the numbing cream, cleanse the area, and use one full vial of botulinum toxin, split between each underarm.

Compared to regular Kansas City botox treatments, the procedure for hyperhidrosis is more expensive because it uses a larger amount of botulinum toxin to target the sweat glands so they don’t continue to sweat.

Botox Wrinkle Treatment Gone Wrong

Every clinic has a different focus when it comes to botox treatments, but at Plaza Aesthetics and Wellness, we carry four FDA-approved neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and Juveau). We offer many other treatments but always aim to be the best at what we do and offer state-of-the-art treatments that are safe for our patients.

Other clinics may not be so circumspect in their training and practitioners, which is why you should always choose a physician-owned-and-operated medical spa. Although botox is a common treatment, it is still a medical procedure. Therefore, it needs to be administered by a licensed medical professional. At Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness, the injectors are either Dr Botros herself, or a Registered Nurse.

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What Can Bad Botox Look Like?

If done incorrectly, you could be left with a slew of concerns. For example, if you have a botched botox treatment, you may be left with an undesirable result.

  • You could end up with stiff facial muscles when you wanted a soft, natural treatment.
  • If injected inappropriately, you can also get a droopy eyelid or eyebrow, which may last a few weeks and, in severe cases, several months.
  • You may not notice a difference in your lines and wrinkles.

Licensed medical professionals should be the ones injecting botox, as they have extensive training in anatomy and can properly assess your muscle movement. This should be a physician, physician's assistant, nurse practitioner, or a nurse.

Medical procedures like botox wrinkle treatment take specialized training. Just because someone is a doctor or nurse doesn't mean they know how to perform the injections correctly. You want to find someone who is well-trained and has hundreds of hours of experience.

Here at Plaza Aesthetics and Wellness, our staff has all undergone training with a qualified physician performing procedures independently.

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Botox is a great way to test the waters on your skincare journey, so contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss botox wrinkle treatment for your skin.

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Botox Wrinkle Treatment?

Every patient is different, so it’s hard to say. Some patients might experience both, but others experience neither. When the swelling or bruising presents varies too, but you will leave the office with post care instructions and how to manage both.

For patients new to injections, we suggest to avoid scheduling your treatment immediately prior to an important event where you’ll have your picture taken. It also helps to take anti-inflammatory before or after your treatment.

Since this product’s popularity has grown, some women in their 20’s start getting injections as a preventative anti-aging approach. They only need 20 units for a noticeable result. Women just starting neuromodulator at age 50 to 60-years-old could need 30-40 units. Dr Botros discusses this in more detail during your initial consultation, which is always complimentary.

Dr Botros takes a conservative approach with anyone new to injections. You can always add more but you can’t take away. To get a natural result, Dr Botros starts with a minimal amount to see results within two weeks. If more is needed, she administers more at the follow up visit.

In general, nueromodulators (like Botox) are done every three to four months. Fillers, depending on the type you use, can last from four months to two years. As a rule, the more regular you are with your maintenance, the less units or vials you will need on each visit. Ask about discounts for a prepaid maintenance schedule.

The filler is purchased by the syringe and used amount depending on the area and patient’s age. For example, if you’re in your 20s, you might only need half of a vial for cheek fillers. In your 30s you might need a full vial, and if you’re in your 60s, three to four vials. Dr Botros will discuss the area you want treated and approximately how many vials you might need at your initial complimentary consult.

Let the Professionals at Plaza Aesthetics and Wellness
take Care of your Botox Wrinkle Treatment

When considering any Botox Wrinkle treatment, you should always choose a physician-owned and operated establishment.

Not only will they have top-quality equipment, but they will also have the necessary skills, training, and qualifications to provide expert service.

When it comes to your skin, you don’t want to take any chances, which means ensuring that a licensed medical professional is involved from your first consultation until your last treatment. They will also provide the correct information before your treatment begins as well as post-treatment care.

Getting the best results requires the best care, contact us today to start your Botox Wrinkle treatment journey.