Microneedling In Kansas City



Microneedling is a therapy in which tiny, sharp needles prick the surface of your skin. The microscopic damages to the upper layers of skin rally the healing process, which in turn makes your skin produce more collagen. The results are fresher, younger looking skin. Think of it like aerating your lawn. It looks a little unsightly for a few days, but it also allows fresh green grass to push through the older thatch.

Microneedling Kansas City

Microneedling is ideal if you want to minimize scarring or wrinkles with far less downtime than ablative laser treatments. Dr Botros has chosen the Rejuvapen Micro-Needling Device for her treatments, which is a pen-like wand with tiny needles at the tip.
Some companies sell at-home microneedling devices, but reports of infections, permanent scarring and allergic reactions have arisen, forcing many of these manufacturers to take their products off the market and await FDA approval.
Microneedling is very effective when done safely, with the correct, non-irritating products applied following the procedure. For a complimentary consultation with Dr Botros, please click below!

Microneedling KC

Microneedling in Kansas City
Microneedling Kansas City