Is Botox Becoming Blasé?

Before and After Botox patient
Our patient, Misty, isn’t shy about her wrinkle injections and why should she be? She looks beautiful and natural!

Denying that you’ve never had Botox injections is like insisting you don’t have on an ounce of makeup or have never dyed your hair. Who can forget Kylie Jenner’s vehement disavowal of lip fillers and the Internet’s hilarious, mocking response with the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge? In this age of people as young as 20 undergoing wrinkle injections, it’s no secret that nearly everyone, not just celebrities, is doing it. With all the TMI being posted daily on social media, it’s apparent we are living in an age of transparency (no pun intended.) At PAW we take a practical, honest approach to beauty, openly informing patients about which services we’ve tried and helping them set beauty budgets in accordance with their goals.

How many people are getting Botox?*

Top Five Cosmetic Minimally-invasive procedures 2015
Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons Plastic Surgery Statistics Report


Neuromodulator injections like Botox or Dysport are up by 1% over 2014, with over 6.7 million people undergoing injections in 2015. Fillers are significantly gaining in popularity, especially among people aged 20-29 (thanks Kylie!)

Popular Opinion and Botox

A quick search on YouTube for “Before and After Botox” yields about 95,500 results as of October 2016. All of these women are openly filming themselves getting neuromodulators. The top video, from YouTuber Janet D’Olivera, shows her results each day after getting her injection (see below.)


What’s the most telling about the video isn’t just the video itself—it’s the comments! Most people were worried about injections and are thinking of trying them after Janet’s video, thanking her for being open about her procedure.

Good on you… I’ll be trying it for the first time soon myself. Whatever makes us happy right. It’s not hurting anyone. You look amazing.

You look so incredible!!!! The difference is amazing!! Congrats on getting it done. Who cares what anyone else thinks!! You do you and enjoy that smooth baby bum forehead!!!

Hi there Janet. Thank you for your videos . So funny but very informant at the same time. I’m seriously considering getting my elevens done, just waiting for the consultant to contact me. This will be my very first time ever so just wanted to say thanks for all your info and experiences. xx P

Another video, posted July 2015 by Melissa Autry, BOTOX Before and After Pictures!! Let’s Tell The Truth People! has a frank, honest description written by Autry:

I am trying to be up close and personal with you all! Please dont judge and I am by no means saying its for everyone. But I also dont want you to think that “some cream” can give you these drastic results. PLEASE THUMBS UP FOR BEING BRAVE ENOUGH TO TALK ABOUT THIS FOR EVERYONE TO SEE! love you and I always want to be honest with you. Xoxoxo

If you get a chance, read the supportive comments to see how most people are not only planning on getting injections, but have already undergone the procedure and are open about it.

Getting Injections and Setting a Budget

In the spirit of transparency, we can tell you that a man or woman over 50 who is just beginning to take care of his or her skin will have to spend a lot more to get their skin healthy than if they had started preventive care early on. Our Plaza Premium helps you set a monthly beauty budget based on your goals to help you space out your payments and treatments throughout the year. Check back into this blog for specific articles about how much Botox injections cost according to your age range and how much Botox you would need based on the severity of wrinkling. The cost of Botox depends on how much you need and how much you need depends on how deep your wrinkles are. Come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Botros to get a specific price for your skin.

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