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Remember summer vacations when you were a kid? Those long days at the beach or along the shore, boat rides, barbeques and fire works? If you didn’t wear your sunscreen and got sunburned, you wouldn’t see the lasting consequences until decades later.

Unless you grew up in an underground bunker, you (like everyone else) have been careless with your skin more than a few times. The good news is that we at Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness can fix it.

Photo rejuvenation is a treatment for eliminating brown sunspots, broken capillaries and unwanted hair, evening skin pigmentation and reducing pore size. Broad Band Light (BBL) is heat delivered under the skin. Pigmented targets as mentioned above absorb the heat, which destroys them, leaving you with healthy, fresher looking skin (and no downtime.)

The Forever Young BBL® laser is gentle, non-invasive and virtually painless. The wavelengths can also be adjusted to care for your specific needs. To see if BBL is right for you, as well as discuss the risks and post recovery care, schedule a free consult below with Dr. Botros today!


You can also click on our Patient Education section to learn about different procedures and the risks and benefits of each, based on current research.


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