Patient Feedback

Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness is proud of the long-term relationships we form with our patients. Our patients are thrilled when they get the results they wanted, but the real collaboration happens when we all work together to maintain those results.
Below are emails, texts, testimonials and blog posts from some of our happy patients who have become part of the PAW family.

From Facebook/Instagram:

I am at my goal weight for the first time in year! I could not have done it without Dr. Botros! Lisa St. Aubyn, 12/5/2015

Plaza Aesthetics gave me the look of high cheekbones, great work! Elaine Keshner Levine 11/8/2014

I am absolutely thrilled to be a patient of Dr. Amber Botros of Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness! I have been in the aesthetics industry since 2005. If you know me, you know my standards and expectations are high. I’ve been searching for a while now for someone to fit my needs! She exceeded all my expectations! Not only am I getting physician administered injections but she has the artful eye and the most amazing bedside manner. Everyone that has been asking, texting, and messaging me for recommendations…here you go! She is AMAZING! Lisa Buchman 9/1/2015

So in 31 days I’m down 18 pounds & lots of inches!!!! Thank you everyone for supporting and encouraging me during this first month of my journey!! Thank you everyone at work for helping me avoid the junk!! I have 22 pounds to go until my first goal! This is realistic and attainable!! Thank you Amber for guiding and encouraging me throughout my journey!!!! #cantstopme #byebyeweight Ron Duncan 10/31/15

In the last 5 years I’ve slowly let myself go. Quitting smoking, medication, stress from school, a relationship ending badly, the EXCUSES are endless. In the last year I’ve been on/off diets, losing motivation, half ass working out, having good food days/bad food days, daily cases of the F’its, etc…Just from starting work (walking so much) I lost 30 lbs, but then it wasn’t easy. The motivation was there but I didn’t know what I was doing. I met this wonderful woman/amazing doctor!! She has a plan for me and it works but its not always easy I’m still looking for the motivation to work out but since June 12th with motivation, constant encouragement from all around me and the help of Amber Botros I lost 19lbs. I still have a long way to go but I’m super proud of myself. Jennifer Schneider, 7/10/2015

20lbs down and can’t wait until the construction of this body is over. I mean I’m cute but staying healthy is the ultimate goal. Never knew I had this much self control thank God for blessing me so much and having the honor of a career that puts me in touch with people I never knew I could relate to. My Doctor Amber Botros who is not only a medical doctor but 1 of my biggest supporters and keeps me motivated even when I’m not at my best. She let me know that surgery is not an option but that I have what it takes to do this weight loss thing on my own. Denisha Hightower April 18, 2015

Somebody look at this. I’ve had such a long battle with weight loss, I love to cook and eat. People who know me know how hard this has been for me. With the help of Dr. Amber Botros I was able to lose weight and be smaller than I have been in 7 years, 30 lbs down and I’m so happy with myself. Trendika Sharp 5/19/2015

Hello ladies, I just wanted to send out a private message to all the ladies who love to take care of their skin. Dr. Botros is amazing and will not up sell you on anything. She is gentle, she only does what needs to be done and in a week or so she can finish if you need more things done, to Botox filler peels, all reasonable prices. She’s very sweet and is an artist she has a great eye for these treatments. You all know I’m a licensed esthetician and I’m very picky on what I have done. Her staff is amazing, and they make u feel like family. I highly recommend if you want to do something special for urself for the new year all her treatments are pharmaceutical grade, vivier and skin tx. She’s amazin Group Text Shoutout


From Blogs:

Kelly Schneider/Redefined Mom

Kelly Schneider/

“The first thing I noticed when I arrived was it felt more like a boutique spa and less of doctor’s office. I was in shock to actually be seen by a doctor. I got an honest, stress-free conversation with Dr. Botros and her recommendation…”

From Emails:

FROM: Julie R.
DATE: January 6, 2016 at 8:01:50 PM CST
I’m sending this quick email to let you know that the pills, combined with the acne medicine and skin care line worked like a charm on my cystic acne! I wanted to wait a bit of time before I updated you because right after I saw you, I had another breakout and I wanted to wait and see how quickly it healed and if I would get any more big pimples.
Well, I’m thrilled to say I have no more large pimples popping up and I’m feeling so much better about my skin! I still have acne scars that need healing, but it looks so much better that I’ve actually been going out in public with no concealer on my face! The improvement is HUGE!
Thank you so much for taking the time to work with me on this issue. I am so very appreciative!!
I hope you had a great holiday and I’m looking forward to seeing you next (when you feel I should).
Julie R.


“Dr. Amber Botros works with you and your budget all while explaining in depth of why you should or shouldn’t do because we all go in with an idea and cost.  Dr. Amber Botros actually boosted my self esteem and years off my face. People ask me daily. What is your regimen? I smile and say make an appointment.”

Sennett Holcomb

“I highly recommend Dr. Botros and her friendly, knowledgeable staff. They really took the time to discuss my needs and tailored a program to fit me as an individual. Plaza Aesthetics and Wellness gave me the skin care treatments and advice I was looking for.”
Annie J
” I can really tell a difference from my dermal filler treatment. I had minimal bruising. I can see how this could be addicting. I am very pleased with
my results.”
Cindy C
“I’m already seeing results one day after Dysport. Absolutely NO bruising!!!”
“Dr. Botros offers the most welcoming environment and cutting edge professional services in Kansas City. From the moment you enter the beautiful and most welcoming space she created to the amazing coffee station and various other libations available, you know that you are in the best hands possible. Her superior knowledge, skill, products and genuine concern and nurturing for you throughout your service make you not want to ever leave. Simply the best you could everimagine!”
Liz S
“My face looks amazing! I’m glad you recommended we take a more conservative approach.”

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