Women’s Hormone Replacement


Official menopause doesn’t begin until you stop menstruating for 12 months in a row, but not enough attention is paid to the five or ten years leading up to the main event. That’s called pre-menopause and is about as fun as riding a roller coaster in sandpaper panties.

Most women start pre-menopause at age 35, but don’t even know it’s happening. Pre-menopause occurs when your hormone levels, specifically estrogen and progesterone, decrease to a certain point as part of the aging process.

Here are some signs:

  • Your periods get irregular or really close together, about every three weeks.
  • PMS feels extreme. Instead of feeling a little moody you feel hopeless and overwhelmed.
  • You get insomnia.
  • You can’t lose that last five or ten pounds, no matter what you do.
  • Your hair thins or starts falling out more than usual.
  • Sometimes your head feels foggy and you forget things easily or find it hard to concentrate.
  • You never feel like having sex.

Doctors attribute these symptoms to normal aging—which they certainly are. Some physicians will give you a prescription for antidepressant medication. But why does normal aging, which happens to everyone, have to be so depressing? At Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness it doesn’t have to be!

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) supplements your tapering hormone levels with bioidentical compounds. Bioidenticals are plant-derived compounds that mimic the hormones naturally produced in the body. They are absorbed easier and have fewer side effects.

You should not take bioidenticals indiscriminately, or use any other product claiming to boost hormones without being under the advisement of a physician. Dr. Botros will take a complete medical history, discuss the risks and benefits, order extensive blood tests to determine the correct dosage and follow up with you to make any needed adjustments to your dosage.

We can’t stop aging but we shouldn’t have to settle for a poorer quality of life. Please schedule a complimentary consultation below with Dr. Botros to discuss your options.


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