Skin Tightening


As you age, your skin slowly loses its fullness, which is a good thing or we would all look like overgrown babies. When you’re under 30, your skin is full of collagen and very elastic, so the loss of baby fat resolves itself into dramatic cheekbones and moody angles.

Imagine that your skin, at the beginning of your life, is a shiny, fully expanded rubber balloon and mentally let a little air out every year as you age. After 30, your skin loses the ability to make enough collagen to stay taught as it loses fullness. If you lose all of your fullness, the result is wrinkled, saggy looking skin.

This doesn’t just happen with aging. After pregnancy or significant weight loss your skin can become baggy or loose. Depending on a number of factors like age and genetics, it might not return to the tight, supple state it was in before. If this is you, don’t worry; we at Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness can fix it.

At Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness, we use the SkinTyte II® from Sciton. The SkinTyte II® uses powerful infrared energy to heat and wound the soft tissue under your skin, while cooling the outer layers of your skin so as not to damage them. As part of the natural healing process, your body manufactures collagen to bind and heal the wounded soft tissue, which in turn pulls in and tightens your overlying skin.

Treatments are short, painless and require no downtime. We can treat any size area, depending on your needs. To find out if you are a good candidate for skin tightening, schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Botros.

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