Look Ten Years Younger in 120 to 180 minutes!



Fillers and neuromodulators are unable to improve scars, hyperpigmentation, sunspots, enlarged pores or deep-set wrinkles. In the past, to look ten years younger we had to undergo laser resurfacing that sent us into hiding for a week, hoping that the pizza guy would just leave the box and slowly back away. Most of us have opted to wait for the technology to improve rather than tell our bosses that we have to attend a relative’s funeral in Siberia. If Google can make a self-driving car then someone ought to invent a way to look ten years younger in just 120 to 180 minutes, with no downtime, right?


Laser Resurfacing Results with No Downtime


Sciton did it! The Halo® Laser from Sciton can give you drastic results, without the shredding of your face and dignity. With just two to three visits of 60 minutes each, and no downtime, you can seriously look ten years younger. Plaza Aesthetics & Wellness is one of only a few spas in the Kansas City Metro area that offers this magic wand to patients. Dr. Botros and staff have been extensively trained by Sciton to use the FDA laser safely and optimally.


Cost of Laser Resurfacing


Treatments range from $1000-$2500 each, depending on the area or areas treated (common treatment areas include face, neck, and décolleté.) This is a small price to pay for the healing that this laser can induce in your skin, without having surgery, with little risk and minor to no discomfort.


If you still have a question about the Halo® and can’t find the answer in Our Services, or the FAQ, just give us a call or send us an email! Better yet, come on in to discuss whether or not the Halo fits your goals and beauty budget. We’ll make you a cocktail or a cup of tea, you can kick your feet up and we can have a long talk.


Click here for our May “Get Summer-Ready” Special! Full-face treatment for $1000+tx retail normally $1500!

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More Information About Laser Resurfacing


We know our patients like to do all of the research before deciding upon a treatment, so below we’ve made a list of links to reputable sources explaining the different types of laser resurfacing, some more info about the Halo® and anything else you might want to know.



Types of Cosmetic Lasers (This list doesn’t include the Halo®, but we emailed them with an update.)


Realself.com reviews for the Halo®




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Scientific Research (You won’t have access to the full text, but can read abstracts, if you like that sort of thing. We sure do!)