Wrinkle Relief

The human face contains over 40 different muscles. These muscles control our facial expressions and our basic motor functions, like chewing, talking and blinking. Every time you smile or frown in concentration, a muscle or muscles contract, causing the overlaying skin to crease, just like your pants every time you sit or kneel.

Over time and with aging, our skin loses its elasticity, or ability to bounce right back after it’s creased. We start to develop crow’s feet in the corner of our eyes from smiling, or fine lines on our foreheads from raising our eyebrows in surprise.

One quick, cost-effective and non-surgical way to smooth out those creases is through the injection of neuromodulators, or what most people generically call Botox, even though that is just one specific brand. Neuromodulators are a class of drugs manufactured from bacteria called Botulinum Toxin Type A. When injected in small amounts into the muscles right under the skin, the toxin causes the underlying muscles to relax.

When the muscles are relaxed, the skin won’t crinkle with every facial expression. If done correctly and conservatively, you maintain natural facial expressions, but with less severe consequences to your skin. Think of it like starching your pants. You can still sit, but the fabric is less likely to wrinkle.

Mild to moderate wrinkles quickly fade. Patient results vary but can last three to five months or even longer with repeated injections, as the muscles are continuously trained to relax.

These injections are medical procedures and not without risk. A qualified clinical physician should always perform any medical procedure, as well as take a complete medical history before your treatment.

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You can also click on our Patient Education section to learn about different procedures and the risks and benefits of each, based on current research.


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  • wrinkle relief before and after main




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